Shimona & The Cat’s Pyjamas

Having built a strong presence and following ever since they burst onto the Melbourne swing dance scene in 2017, Shimona & The Cat’s Pyjamas is always a top choice whether you are a jazz lover, swing dancer, or budding 5-year-old hepcat! Shimona’s gorgeous voice and beautiful lyrical phrasing have left audiences all over the world spellbound and sometimes even in tears for almost 2 decades. Perfectly complemented by the warm dulcet tones of Amanda Jones (Mystic Charmers) on clarinet, and Adam Russo (Catfish) on gypsy jazz guitar. This stunning compact trio can also be augmented to a quartet (addition of double bass) or quintet (addition of drums) for that big band impact!
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Here’s what people say about us:

Fran Monro: 5/5★ Had a blast on Tuesday dancing to Shimona & The Cat’s Pyjamas. They play with dancers in mind and are interested to hear your feedback. They are one of my favourite dance bands in Melbourne, and the standard is already ridiculously high! 
I’ve been to a couple of their gigs and they just keep getting better. There is a great rapport between players and singer. This was the first time I’d seen them at a specific dance event, and it made a huge difference in having space and floor to dance. They appear to be able to set up in a tiny space too, which I can imagine is a significant advantage in some venues.
They play some up-tempo swing jazz suitable for dancing shag, or balboa, which by a strange coincidence is exactly the kind of music I like to dance to! They also played songs suitable for Charleston and lindy hop or jive.


Danielle Brook: 5/5★ Listening to Shimona and the Cat’s Pyjamas was like being transported into yesteryear. Beautifully composed songs that you can’t help but want to move to. The clarinet sound is faultless and that gorgeous guitar kept things moving seamlessly. Think days of future past with swing, romance, and a gorgeous stage presence. 10/10


Laura Koomen: 5/5★ Such a wonderful afternoon of great music and good fun with Shimona & The Cats Pyjamas at Open Studios! I was smiling so much my cheeks hurt! With a great following from the swing dance community, we were treated to a great show of dancing too!


Clint Steele (Owner of Destine Dance): 5/5★ I was serendipitously contacted by Shimona around a week out from an open night I was holding at my dance studio Destine Dance to promote our regular swing night. Because it was a swing open night, the timing was really good.
I wanted as many hooks as I could get (pizza and drink and wine and beer already being used). So a live band was ideal. On the night Shimona and the Cat’s Pyjamas delivered! They brought part of the crowd with their own network and others came for the live band experience. The turn out was great. And the attendees very happy – I could tell because people kept asking if the band was always going to be there.
I know want to arrange things so that I can make them a regular part of what we do at the studio. I know the students and guests at the studio would like that too. That’s a sign of a great band.